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The first smart lock for apartment residents.

A LACKEY who always stays at home for you.

What is LACKEY?

If you take a look at the smartlocks that are being developed you will notice: Only house owners have a real benefit.

If you live in a multi-family house, you can install a Smartlock on the apartment door, but not at the front door.

This has led many tenants to a problem: Even if they could control their apartment door with the smartphone, they still had to take a key for the front door.

We will change that. We are developing the first Smartlock, which can open both the apartment door and the front door. Here’s how it works.

Easier than anyone else.

How does LACKEY work?

Install the chip at your intercom

With two short cable connections you can simply connect our chip to the intercom in your apartment.

Install the door opener

You can put the door opener over your existing lock – it just turns your previous key. so you do not have to make any changes to your door.

I want the Lackey


Download the app

If you downloaded our app, you only have to connect it to your devices and your LACKEY already works!

What can LACKEY do for you?

LACKEY stays at home while you are on the road.

Opens your apartment door

LACKEY can open and close your apartment door.

Opens your front-door

If you live in a multi-family house, LACKEY can also open your front door.

Distribute Accesses

Use the app to give your guests a temporary access.

Check-in notifications

The app also tells you if your guest has checked in successfully.


The app can automatically read out your Airbnb calendar and provide your guests access for the corresponding period.

Forget your keys

Now you too, can leave your keys at home. From now on, you only have to take your smartphone with you.

Easy installation

Within a few minutes you can gear up LACKEY at your normal door and normal intercom.

Not visible from the outside

Neither at the front door nor at the outside of your apartment door do you have to make any changes.

Our ambitious visionaries

Who are you?

Alexej Gerstmaier

Business & Software Development

Yasmin Bianca Kobori Belck

Design & UX/UI

Chris Kling

Product Development & Production Management

The final question

When and where can I finally buy the LACKEY?

Let’s be honest: if you came here, then this is probably the only question you just ask yourself.

At the moment we are still in the development phase. That means you cannot buy the LACKEY yet. But before you leave disappointed, we can give you a small glimpse of light:

We are looking for LACKEY tester. If you’re making air buffs right now,than you should definitely sign up as a tester.We will write to you highly personal 🙂

Our development

Show me what you’ve done!

Do I need a particular lock?

LACKEY is compatible with all conventional locks in Europe. If you are not sure, you can either check whether your locking cylinder looks like this or send us an e-mail with an image from your cylinder to

Do I need a specific intercom?

LACKEY works with most intercom systemsIf you are not sure, just send us a picture of your intercom (or the name of the manufacturer) to and we will tell you if Lackey works in your intercom system.

Can I still use my old key?

For most locks, yes. You can easily test it: Put a key on the door from the inside and try to unlock from the outside. If this works, then you have a lock with danger functionSo you can still use your old key. (We recommend LACKEY only in combination with such double cylinders).